Here is a sneak peak of a project currently on the boards in the studio that we will be illustrating over the next several months.

On a marvelous place like a piece of earthly paradise on the south coast of the island of Mallorca, Spain, the client wants a flexible off-grid house that offers him privacy but equally celebrates the unique views.

They said:

We want a house that is a podium crowned by an upper horizontal plane. An infinite plane facing the infinite sea. Nothing more and nothing less.

Txapela House is a holiday house with the strong, expressive volume which is anchored on a plot with steep slopes that offer views onto the bay and the Mediterranean sea.


It is a rugged topography, with steep and open distant horizon over the sea. On the site there exists a small platform, which will be used as base for the building. The project had to meet two requirements raised by the client: One, offer a solution that would allow feeling the horizon as part of the house. Two, develop a housing program for married couple with one child, according to the following needs: kitchen, living and dining area, three bedrooms, swimming pool, gym, lounge, office-library, cinema, garage, cellar, laundry and cryptocurrency minig area.


Surrounded by a thicket of trees,the house is meant to use all the available plot area to enjoy the place that comes with a powerful landscape. The upper level of the house consists of glass walls allowing a complete spatial permeability, thus living-dining-kitchen area and terrace with a lap pool, consolidating the space as just one; there is visual, pedestrian and material continuity, only a moving piece of glass protects from the weather during the hours that are not pleasant to stay outside. The lower of the house is grafted into the rock.


The cantilever fulfills two main functions: on the one hand, to creates shade on the outside with the purpose of preventing sunlight from impacting on glasses which give continuity indoor-outdoor space in summer and, on the other, to allows the sun when it goes down in winter to fall on the lower half of these glasses heating the space protected by them. It also represents a spatial transition from the coverage of the room that we have considered to be the living space of the house. In a Mediterranean climate people spend half of the year enjoying the outdoor spaces, such as the swimming pool, which has been meticulously studied, also becomes one more place to live, the same pavement surrounds it, it is posed as an extension of that unified room covering the entire surface of the plot.


People are used to meet family and friends with some frequency, a very common practice during the months of greater light and better weather, so that the terrace is designed as a large seating area with several places ... to enjoy company or by yourself the settlement of this house.


In the meanwhile, here's a look at the conceptual massing model, which illustrates the general forms of the buildings on the site.

We look forward to sharing more project information and details soon…

Thanks for reading! :)