Firehouse Ondrejov

ONDREJOV, Czech Republic | 2016

Firehouse Ondrejov.jpg


Ondrejov, Czech Republic




400.0 m2


2018 - Present

The fire station as proposed is located in the area of the municipality of Ondrejov near Prague. This area is slightly sloped, bordered by a group of trees in the north and a road in the south. Several farming structures on the neighbour land in the east. Spatial concept of the fire station has been based on the landscape character, undulating near the fire station, and considering straight, dynamic and rough character of the fireman profession. This has been reflected by the entire mass of the main building structure, limited by skew surface lines coping the line of the surrounding area and forming the shape of this two-storey building.

The fire station has two departments, i.e. garage for vehicles and firemen room. The garage is dimensioned for three fire trucks and one first aid vehicle. The garage also includes car wash box and technical service workshop. The crew department is separated from the garage and located in both storeys. The entry is in the ground floor, with access to the dispatcher room, WC, technical facilities, lounge, kitchenette and to the garage. Access to the first floor with firemen rooms and commander office, fitness centre, study room, meeting room and sanitary facilities via staircase. Steel-concrete supporting structure of the building. The envelope is COR-TEN metal sheet, with face concrete in the ground floor. The garage has a light-weight lattice roof structure.