Firehouse Ondrejov




Troja, Prague, Czech Republic




400.0 m2



The construction site is located at a not built up plot of land in Praha 8-Trója. It is a corner plot, bordered by the Trója Botanical Garden on the north and a land earmarked for housing in the east. The access road is situated at the south side, allowing access to this plot of land. The concept of the house takes into account slightly sloped surface of the surrounding area. The concept of the house consists of three sections, which circumference shape corresponds to the border of the plot of land on both sides. Different building materials have been used for constructions of the sections, yet, they are interconnected in the crossing between two basic sections or with the same format of the windows. Both sections have been projected to allow the best possible view of the skyline of Praha from the living rooms of both apartments. Both sections seem to be elevated over the terrain. This effect has been achieved by using different materials (wood lining or face concrete) in the ground and first storey. The sections of the house gradate in accordance with the slope of the surrounding terrain, with the most impressive feature being the crossing of both sections above the corridor. The entry door and access gate to the plot of land is in its south side. One gate leads to the garage located in the embedded structure, the other leads on a terrain ramp directly below the cantilever of the building where one parking lot has been provided.