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Collaborating on Architectural Visualization:
Our Process

What files should I send?

Before we can start creating captivating architectural vizualizations for your project, we will need as many of the following materials as possible;

.CAD or .PDF files (floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans, and landscape drawings if relevant);

3D model (in formats such as .DIN3D, .FBX, .3DM, etc.);

project location (address, coordinates, and photographic documentation of the surroundings);

material specifications, furniture, and vegetation (preferably with references);

mood boards;

additional references and special notes or requirements, etc.

What are the prices?

The price depends on the scope and complexity of each project. To get an accurate price for your project, please request a quote by emailing us at and provide all the required materials listed in point 01. We always provide free price quotes within 24 hours, so feel free to contact us with any project.

Can I make revisions?

Yes, of course. For each project, we provide three sets of revisions. From our experience, three revisions are typically sufficient to achieve your vision. If you need more revisions or if your project undergoes changes that fundamentally alter its design (e.g., floor plan adjustments, addition or removal of architectural elements, changes in site orientation, etc.), additional comment sets can be added for an extra fee. In the case of unexpected project brief changes, we reserve the right to adjust the delivery deadline.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on many factors and varies from project to project. As a rough estimate, a standard delivery time for a small residential project is one week. To determine how long the image creation process would take for your project, please send us all the required materials listed in the point 01 by email to



We are completely open and flexible about the possibility of arranging an online meeting where we can discuss your requirements with you.

Of course, this will only occur after the signing of an NDA, if one is sent.

It will be necessary for you to prepare an initial brief and provide the following materials;

Consistent document that thoroughly explains your project;
architectural drawings (.DWG or .PDF);

3D model (very important from the initial stage);

project’s location (GPS coordinates, photographic documentation of the site, etc.);

scope and number of exterior/interior static images, preferred camera angles, etc;

references and moodboards;

material indications and specifications such as furniture, vegetation, etc;

any special notes or requirements;

specific deadline for submission (if applicable).

Send the mentioned materials to the email address

Get a free quote estimate within one working day.

Note: The initial project brief includes key information that will enable us to fully understand your project and architectural visualization goals. It is important that the brief contains as many relevant details as possible, allowing us to provide an accurate price quote and estimate of the delivery date.


Project initiation occurs upon the confirmation of the price quote and the signing of the work contract, assuming that all the information provided in the initial brief is considered final.

In the event that the information from the initial brief has undergone your review, we will need the updated version in order to initiate the creation process.


A - Sketches

As an initial point for feedback, we will send you camera proposals in the form of sketches that are without materials or already include primary materials, variously lit scenes, along with the suggested atmosphere and composition supporting the specific view from the set of images sent. The resolution of the drafts will be 1500 px on the longer side. These previews serve as a basis for your initial feedback in this stage.

Feedback 1: Camera Position

You will have the opportunity to select desired cameras and angles. Once approved, these angles are considered final and cannot be changed later.

B - Draft Preview

In the following stage, we will create drafts that will include a fully modeled, furnished 3D scene from selected angles, using all materials and lighting settings.

Feedback 2: Basic Elements

This is the most crucial feedback stage and should be done thoroughly. Please take the time to prepare a comprehensive list of comments related to lighting, atmosphere, architecture, furniture layout, materials, decorations, or types of plants and vegetation.

The best way to provide feedback is to mark your comments directly on the drafts with legible text.

If you are part of a larger team of architects, landscapers, and other professionals, designate one person to communicate with our studio and be responsible for preparing the comment list.

C - Preview Render

Previews will include all the adjustments requested during the previous feedback stage to ensure everything is in order before rendering the final image.

Feedback 3: Fine Details

This is the final feedback stage, during which you can submit your final set of comments and revisions if necessary.

D - Final Render

We will send you the architectural visualizations in full resolution, typically 4200px on the longer side.


We typically deliver architectural visualizations in 4K resolution in both .JPG and .TIFF formats. If you require a higher resolution, this information must be specified in the initial project brief.

The price quote will be updated with the standard 14-day payment term from the date of project completion. Payment will be requested via a bank transfer.

Ready to start your project?
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