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Sofia Pedestrian Bridge

An international competition was held in 2022 for the design of a 325-meter-long bridge that gracefully winds through South Park in Sofia, Bulgaria. The winning proposal by Boele Architects and Buro Happold is designed as an elevated, curvilinear structure which serves as a pedestrian and cycling link, seamlessly connecting both halves of the expansive green sanctuary. As individuals traverse the bridge, they are treated to panoramic views of the surrounding forests and mountains, enhanced by generously designed viewing decks.

Client: Boele Architects

Architecture: Boele Architects 

Structural Engineering: Buro Happold

Visualizations: TMD

Location: South Park, Sofia, Bulgaria

Category: Competition, CGI

Status: Architectural competition 2022

Aerial view with morning sun of the pedestrian bridge in South Park, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Pedestrian bridge leading through the tops of trees with mountain at the background during dusk.
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