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Txapela House

Located on the stunning south coast of Mallorca with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, the villa's unique geometry not only allows you to soak in the beauty of the sea but also offers unparalleled privacy from prying eyes and distances itself from the urbanized area. Nestled in the rugged topography and thicket of trees, it provides a peaceful escape.

The house's design is inspired by a typical Basque beret, which shields its wearer from harsh sunlight. The upper part of the house consists of a cantilevered slab that not only shields residents from direct sunlight during the hot summer months but also offers horizontally framed views that transition to the endless plain of the sea.

Surrounded by a thicket of existing vegetation, the designed house maximizes all available areas of the plot, allowing the client to enjoy the unique peace that merges with the mighty landscape scenery. The lower part of the house is set into the rock of the peninsula, while the upper floor is comprised of glass walls ensuring complete spatial permeability and winter heating of spaces with sunlight. The living space, dining room, kitchen, and terrace with a sunken pool blend seamlessly.

The design emphasizes visual, pedestrian, and material continuity, with movable glazing surfaces providing protection against weather effects during less pleasant hours outside. In the Mediterranean climate, people spend half the year enjoying the outdoor areas, such as the carefully designed swimming pool set into the existing topography, serving as another inviting place to live.

Design: TMD
Location: Mallorca, Spain
Category: Residential, Interiors
Status: Current

Elevation of the Txapela House.
Elevation of the Txapela House.
Elevation of the Txapela House.
Elevation of the Txapela House.
Floorplan of the Txapela House.
Floorplan of the Txapela House.
Txapela House, Mallorca, Spain_TMD STUDIO_The cantilevered roof of the villa is illuminated by the lit infinity pool, captured from the terrace at night.
Txapela House, Mallorca, Spain_TMD STUDIO_Pool with caustics infront of the villa built on top of the rocky peninsula with rugged topography, slab of the roof framing the view.
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