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Úpa Resort

The ÚPA resort, a residential project located in the village of Velká Úpa, is nestled in the Giant Mountains, right at the base of Sněžka, the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. We have been hired to create a comprehensive marketing bundle, which includes detailed exterior, and interior visualizations and floorplan documentation of each apartment for the ÚPA resort.

Client: Svoboda & partneri, 3T Group Úpa

Visualizations: TMD

Location: Velká Úpa, Czech Republic

Category: Residential, Interiors, CGI

Status: 2023

Evening atmosphere of the resort with facade cladded in timber with people walking by.
The frontal facade of the resort with a couple and a dog in the foreground, situated in the snow-obscured mountains.
Timber cladded facade detail with people passing by and mountains at the background captured in snowy evening.
Timber cladded facade with entrance into resort captured in winter sunny day.
River Upa in the foreground visually connected with the resort along the river.
Detail of the external hot tub at the background connected to the indoor living space at the foreground.
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