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The recreational house is designed in the urban-rural setting of the highest mountain in the Podkrkonoší region. Its barn-like appearance perfectly blends in with the surrounding landscape. The house is designed with axial symmetry in mind, which is reflected in the layout and on the façades.

Surrounded by meadows and existing vegetation, the house utilizes all available areas of the land to allow clients to enjoy the peace and beauty of the surrounding scenery. The design also includes a biotope with a mole located at the bottom of the plot, perfectly integrated into the existing topography, providing an additional opportunity for recreation.

Client: Cottage Group

Design: TMD

Location: Zvičina, Czech Republic

Category: Residential

Status: Current

Sunset view of the timber cladded recreational barn lit by warm sun.
Frontal timber facade with solar roof panels of the recreational barn with pitched roof captured in the evening.
Timber cladded interior with double height space of the recreational barn with pitched roof.
Small pond with timber deck at the foreground visually connected to the recreational barn on top of the slope at the back captured during summer day.
An external terrace with small pool at the foreground, as the extension of the internal living space of the recreational barn captured in the sunset.
Exploded axonometric diagram of the cottage
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