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Family House

The house is situated in Předměřice nad Labem, Czech Republic, featuring a thoughtfully designed entrance. The upper floor is intentionally offset, producing a compelling visual effect that serves to accentuate the entrance area. This overhang, as a result of the offset design, not only contributes to the overall architectural uniqueness but also functions practically by providing shelter from adverse weather conditions such as wind and rain.

Design: TMD

Civil Engineer: TMD

Structural Engineer: Tomas Chmelar

MEP: VIK Tepelná technikaMIKROKLIMAPipeTech Project

Location: Předměřice nad Labem, Czech Republic

Category: Residential

Status: Completed 2023

Entrance to the house with open door as source of light and cosy entry courtyard captured during the evening.
House with facade finished in white plaster lit by soft morning sun.
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