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Boele Architects's International Bridge Competition Victory Enhanced by TMD's Architectural Visualizations

The Prague- and London-based Boele Architects, in collaboration with Buro Happold’s Berlin office, have triumphed in the international competition for designing a new 325-meter-long pedestrian bridge in Sofia's South Park, Bulgaria, that gracefully integrates into the park's natural landscape. This design has been selected as the winning entry, showcasing exceptional innovation in pedestrian bridge design and urban infrastructure.

An evening view of a serpentine pedestrian bridge, illuminated with ambient lighting, winding through a lush park with the silhouette of a mountain range in the backdrop. The modern design of the bridge features a smooth, dark surface with vibrant, orange safety barriers on either side, creating a striking contrast against the natural surroundings. The scene is peaceful yet dynamic, with the glow of vehicle headlights visible beneath, suggesting seamless integration into an urban setting.

From Vision to Visualization: TMD's Impact on Architectural Design

Our team at TMD was privileged to contribute to this prestigious project by providing architectural visualizations that played an important role in bringing the concept to life. Utilizing Maxon Cinema 4D and Chaos Corona, we delivered visuals that not only captured the aesthetic and functional essence of the design but also highlighted the seamless integration of the bridge within the urban and natural context of South Park.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Boele Architects and Buro Happold for entrusting us with the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking project. This collaboration has not only been a testament to our capabilities in architectural visualization but also a chance to contribute to a landmark project that will enhance Sofia's urban landscape.



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