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Burckhardt's Third Place with Our Architectural Visualizations

In the recent international architectural competition for the service and transformation building at the Innovation Campus in Schwedt, Germany, the collaborative effort of Burckhardt, Nemec Taller Architektur, and Richard Čech secured a commendable third place. Our studio was privileged to contribute to this notable achievement by providing architectural visualizations. These visuals were crucial in showcasing the project's innovative design and overall vision, helping to communicate the architectural concept. Our work on these visualizations demonstrated our skill in creating visually appealing architectural ideas and contributed greatly to the project's success in the competition.

An architectural visualization of the Innovation Campus in Schwedt, Germany, depicting a contemporary multi-storey building with a transparent, greenhouse-like structure on the top level. The building features expansive glazed facades on the lower floors, supported by wide pillars, creating an inviting ground floor space with public seating and interactive areas. Information about workshops, solar power statistics, and talks is displayed on the building's facade, indicating a focus on sustainability and education. The setting includes people engaged in various activities such as sitting, walking, and cycling, adding vibrancy to the campus. Trees and wind turbines complement the building, emphasizing environmental consciousness within the urban landscape.

Visualizing Success with Architectural Visualizations

Utilising cutting-edge visualization technology, including Maxon Cinema 4D and Chaos Corona, our team played a pivotal role in transforming the innovative concepts of Burckhardt and Nemec Taller Architektur into dynamic architectural visualizations. These visualizations went beyond mere representation; they breathed life into the design, capturing its essence and the transformative potential it holds for the Innovation Campus and the wider community. Our objective with these visuals was to showcase the project's inventive strategy for fostering an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration.

Reflecting upon this collaborative endeavour, we acknowledge the significance of our continued relationship with Nemec Taller Architektur. Regardless of the competition's results, our collective work highlights a mutual dedication to architectural distinction and creativity. Looking forward, we are energised by the potential of upcoming ventures and prepared to explore new frontiers in architectural visualization and design. In partnership, we persist in our pursuit to craft environments that not only inspire and engage but also endure over time.


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