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Green Building

Revitalizing the Past: Introducing “Sousedství”, a visionary project born from an architectural competition, won by Prague-based OVA.

We, are thrilled to be part of this exciting journey, entrusted with crafting the Detail Design Documentation for the reconstruction of the historic ‘Zelená budova’ (Green Building) – the very first step in breathing new life into the neglected brownfield in Kukleny, Hradec Králové.

With cutting-edge laser scan technology (3D Point Cloud) and 3D modelling in Graphisoft ArchiCAD, the project promises to blend the charm of the past with the brilliance of modern design.

Design: OVA

Civil Engineer: TMD

Structural Engineer: STATIKA DOLEŽAL ŠPAČEK s.r.o.

MEP: VIK Tepelná technikaMIKROKLIMAMK Profi Hradec Králové s.r.o.

Location: Kukleny, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Category: Residential, Commercial

Status: Current

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