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Nemec Taller Architektur's Success with Our Architectural Visualizations

In the recent architectural competition initiated by the Municipality of Ostermundigen, Switzerland, for a new triple sports hall, Nemec Taller Architektur, Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten, Experis DSKM, Buro Happold, enhanced by our architectural visualizations, secured a commendable second place. The competition called for innovative sports hall designs to address the growing demand for school sports facilities, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency, while ensuring harmony with the urban and landscape setting. Our architectural visualizations played a critical role in demonstrating the project’s alignment with specific requirements and in optimising the spatial programme, markedly improving the proposal's clarity and impact.

Architectural visualisation of a contemporary triple gymnasium located in Ostermundigen, Switzerland, showcasing an innovative wooden construction with expansive glass entrances, nestled amongst lush greenery and mature trees, reflecting a harmonious blend with the natural environment under a serene sky.

Exploiting the Potential of Architectural Visualizations

By employing advanced tools such as Maxon Cinema 4D and Chaos Corona, our team was essential in converting the imaginative ideas of Nemec Taller Architektur and its partners into striking architectural visualizations. These illustrations did more than merely depict the designs; they brought them to life, revealing the essence of the planned spaces and their potential to transform both the educational environment and the wider community. Our objective with these visual representations was to highlight the innovative methods of integrating indoor and outdoor educational areas.

Reflecting on our cooperation, we recognise the significant benefits of our ongoing partnership with Nemec Taller Architektur. Despite the specific outcome of this contest, our collective efforts exemplify our shared commitment to architectural innovation and excellence. As we anticipate future endeavours, we are excited by the opportunity to continue advancing the boundaries of architectural visualisation and design. Together, we strive to design spaces that not only inspire and engage but also withstand the test of time.



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